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Administrative Assistant (81 views)

Houston, Texas
February 6, 2020

Our Catholic marketing agency is looking for a master multi-tasker with excellent communication skills and a positive attitude. Candidates should be able to assist management in handling marketing tasks*, manage product sales inventories, providing polite and professional assistance via phone and e-mail, and generally be a helpful and positive presence in the workplace.

To be successful as an Administrative Assistant, candidates should be professional, attentive, take ownership of tasks when assigned, and also be accurate. They should always be prepared and responsive, willing to meet each challenge directly. Administrative Assistants must be comfortable with computers, general marketing tasks, and have a good grasp of verbal and written communication. Most importantly, Administrative Assistants should have a genuine desire to meet the needs of others.

*Building out remarketing emails, creating simple blog posts, and pulling performance reports

Administrative Assistant Responsibilities:

– Handling office tasks, such as pulling data, generating reports and presentations, and responding to the needs of the marketing team, efficiently and accurately completing tasks.
– Provide real-time updates on assigned tasks.
– Manage a product inventory on a part-time basis.
– Use computers to generate reports, communicate with the team, and conduct research.
– Maintain polite and professional communication via phone, e-mail, and Slack.
– Anticipate the needs of others in order to ensure their seamless and positive experience with the company.

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