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Buen Camino Guide – San Antonio (24 views)

San Antonio, TX
March 11, 2019

JOB TITLE: Buen Camino Guide – San Antonio

TX – San Antonio and Surrounding Areas

Buen Camino Guides focus on building deep, trusting and lasting relationships within the local community, in order to help families, learn how to be wise with money and guide them along their ‘Buen Camino’.

This role focuses on relationship building, and personalized financial guidance. As a Buen Camino Guide, your mission is build financial wisdom in your community, to unearth and deeply empathize with people’s financial needs, and to connect the dots between those needs and learning resources or tools.

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About Buen Camino
Buen Camino is a financial guidance service organization sponsored by Thrivent. Our mission is to make financial guidance accessible to everyone. We offer in-person financial guidance that is truly about you.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Builds and manages relationships (30%)

  • Meets with community leaders to build trust, unearth needs, and offer in person financial guidance or workshops
  • Executes a customer communication touchpoint plan through text and e-mail including follow-ups, scheduling nudges, appointment reminders, meeting summaries, and more
  • Maintains all records of customer engagement through Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM); effectively capturing and tracking important customer data

Conducts 1-on-1, financial guidance conversations (60%)

  • Creates dialogue that prompts critical thinking and self-awareness
  • Unearths financial needs by leveraging “ethnographic interviewing” tactics such as asking probing questions, listening more than sharing, not giving your own opinion or advice, etc.
  • Provides families with clear individualized action plans and connects families to tools and resources to solve their financial needs own terms
  • Uses digital assessment tools to help provide more tactical guidance on financial topics such as insurance or budgeting

Facilitates financial education workshops (10%)

  • Plans, coordinates and facilitates workshops in order to provide basic financial education

Helps drive the vision for Buen Camino (100%)

  • Understands and helps drive Buen Camino’s vision of becoming an innovative (non-traditional) service to the community­–one that engages families in a way nobody else in the industry is doing today
  • Works within a startup-environment and embraces an experimental, “build-test-learn” approach: placing more energy in learning and continuously improving, rather than seeking perfection and an “I know best” mindset
  • Stays curious and continuously learns from the community to provide insight to help shape and refine our service


  • Have deep, local connections in the community, and demonstrated ability to build trust and earn credibility quickly
  • Must have in-depth understanding of the local culture and community
  • Passionate about helping others be wise with money
  • Spanish preferred, verbal and written
  • Basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System knowledge preferred
  • No advanced degree required

Other Critical Factors:

This is a part-time position (up to 30hrs)

Guides may work outside normal business hours and some local travel may be required

Strong organizational skills, detail oriented

Thrivent strives to provide an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) without regard to race, religion, color, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, sex, genetic information, or any other status or condition protected by applicable state or federal laws. You don’t need to be Christian to join our team. You do need the passion to guide our members on their Wise With Money Journey, equipping them to live more content, confident and generous lives. This policy applies to all employees and job applicants.

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