Working in Witness for Christ

Controller (52 views)

Stafford, Texas
March 26, 2019

Are your efforts fortifying a mission worthy of your time? Are your financial skills used as leverage for the common good?

When you answer in your heart ‘why does my company exist?’, does that knowledge make you feel loved or used?

The Urban Foresters seeks a Controller who identifies their ordinary work as a path to prosperity and holiness. We serve others through providing tree services. The Controller enters that service through maintaining fiscal awareness, data management and delivery of true wisdom, not simply numbers to the company.

Prime candidates derive deep satisfaction from flawless task completion and meticulous attention to detail. The Controller at The Urban Foresters IS the accounting department. From bookkeeping to budgeting, high strategy to lowly collections calls; you are accountable. Ownership of the corporate purse calls you to deliver entrepreneurial solutions and diligent attention to detail.

Expect to share your dreams and co create those of your team. This is a leadership role that combines individual, low supervision performance with team dependent decision making and collaboration. You will have to stretch, grow and give. The successful candidate finds fulfillment in that journey.

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