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San Marcos, Tx
October 10, 2019

Ministerial Character

The Pastor is the visible principle and foundation of unity in the parish OUR LADY OF WISDOM – SAN MARCOS, TEXAS which the Bishop has entrusted to him. He makes Christ’s mission present and enduring in the parish. In order to fulfill his mission, the Pastor employs suitable, chosen collaborators (clerics, religious, or lay people). He shares with them his mission and entrusts various responsibilities to them.

Positions employed at OUR LADY OF WISDOM – SAN MARCOS, TEXAS help to extend the ministry of the Pastor in particular ways as outlined in the job description. Therefore, the employee in this position is closely con- nected to and assists the Pastor in the performance of his ministry and thereby engages in ministry for the Church.

Job Summary

The Development Associate is responsible for the day-to-day development work including logistical office assistance in the preparation of proposals and development events. The position reports to the Develop- ment Director and operates with some latitude for the use of independent judgment and initiative.

Essential Duties

  • ▪  As an integral part of your ministry for the Church as carried out in this position, support and uphold the philosophy of Catholic ministry and the mission of the parish in both your professional and personal life.

  • ▪  Act as a witness to Gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • ▪  Continuously grow in your ministry by participating in religious ceremonies, training sessions, and re-

    flection activities as directed.

  • ▪  Manage the accuracy and integrity of Parish Data System (PDS) and Blackbaud Software (i.e. Church Management, eTapestry, Razors Edge, etc.) by ensuring that all information is kept current and up to date.

  • ▪  Manage content and social and print media communications.

  • ▪  Prepare and distribute quarterly newsletters, and email updates to stakeholders and benefactors

  • ▪  Troubleshoot database issues.

  • ▪  Provide support to various committees and volunteers during fundraising campaigns and events.

  • ▪  Assist in scheduling meetings with prospective benefactors and donors and finalization of guest lists.

  • ▪  Provide support to other advertising efforts and works in public relations.

  • ▪  Write grant requests and proposals as necessary.

  • ▪  Perform basic administrative duties such as filing, data entry, maintaining a filing system.

  • ▪  Work to acquire new donors and keep in regular contact during fundraising events.

  • ▪  Mail flyers and other correspondence to potential donors, volunteers and guests in order to inform

    them of events and activities.

  • ▪  Maintain a work schedule that maximizes availability to staff and customers.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • ▪  Knowledge of the structure and basic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • ▪  Knowledge of Blackbaud Software (i.e. Church Management, eTapestry, Razors Edge, Etc.) and PDS

  • ▪  Skill in oral and written communication.

  • ▪  Skill in operating position-appropriate technology, including various word-processing and spreadsheet

    software, database programs, web design applications, web browsers, and other typical office equip-

    ment and technology.

  • ▪  Skill in developing a sustainable fund development program.

  • ▪  Ability to communicate verbally and written in a variety of formats.

  • ▪  Ability to organize, prioritize and utilize effective time management techniques.

Employee’s initials Development

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  • ▪  Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times.

  • ▪  Ability to maintain to carry out multiple tasks and meet deadlines.

  • ▪  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

  • ▪  Ability to proficiently communicate in English (conversing, writing, and reading).

    Minimum Qualifications

    Education and Trainings:

▪ Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Sales, or relevant from an accredited American college or university or equivalent in a foreign country.


▪ One(1)yearoffulltimeexperienceinfundraising. Language:

▪ English (proficient in conversing, reading, and writ- ing).

Catholic Requirement:
▪ Must be a practicing Roman Catholic in good standing.
▪ Valid Texas driver’s license.
▪ Must maintain compliance with the Diocese of Austin Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) policies

through the employment period.









Using personal computer
















Reading and Comprehending


Moving heavy equipment/materials



Using office equipment, stapler, tele- phone, etc.


Working Conditions

All employees of the parish are engaged in ministry and closely tied to the pastor in the exercise

of his ministry and obligations to the church.

  • The parish is an at-will employer.

    All buildings and vehicles owned by the parish are tobacco-free.
    Working in a fast-paced environment with priorities and plans that may change rapidly.
    Working on weekends, evenings and some holidays may be required.
    Will be exposed to religious ceremonies, conduct, and speech including Catholic Christian prayer and liturgical celebrations

  • Will be required to adhere to established dress codes and conduct standards.

  • May be required to use personal or parish vehicles to drive to parishes or other off-site locations.

  • Traveling within and outside the parish to meetings and other events may be required, and travel

    may include overnight lodging.

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