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Natural Family Planning Office Coordinator (87 views)

Purpose and Scope:

To support the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix and its mission to help all persons encounter the living Christ, through the Office of Natural Family Planning, this position directs the instruction, support and promotion of Natural Family Planning (NFP), chastity education and related marriage and family life issues.

 Essential Job Functions:

  • Coordinate NFP focus and programs. Maintain an office that teaches only certified methods of NFP and stays within established USCCB guidelines. Establish criteria for recruitment, screening and training of potential instructors in NFP and chastity education in English and Spanish and other needed languages to ensure program philosophy and standards are both understood and upheld.
  • Coordinate instructor certification, evaluation, formation, and in-service training to maintain quality of instruction.
  • Coordinate master schedule of all NFP classes, locations and instructors.
  • Supervise Office of NFP staff, including staff evaluation and development in consultation with the Director, Marriage and Respect Life.
  • Promote NFP services through advertising, contacts, newsletters, website articles, speaking engagements, and workshops.
  • Acts as Bishop Olmsted’s liaison to affiliated leadership and research groups (i.e. medical professionals, etc.).
  • Establish and maintain effective communications between the Office of NFP and appropriate people and organizations within the Diocese of Phoenix.
  • Supervise and coordinate the teaching activities of the diocesan NFP instructors in other NFP methodologies.
  • Develop and maintain a budget for the Office.
  • Coordinate maintenance of statistical information for evaluation of the program’s growth and overall effectiveness. Provide necessary reports reflecting program activity, development and effectiveness when required.
  • Oversee the work of Catholic Academy for Life Leadership.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BA degree in Science or Theology.
  • Instructor in one accepted method of NFP.
  • Three years working experience in a similar position.
  • Practicing Catholic who lives and supports the teachings of the Catholic Church.
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