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Outside Sales with Interior Life (53 views)

Houston, Texas
December 19, 2017

Wholeness Through Ordinary Work

Does your organization praise your work, encourage your development, or talk about your progress?  How is failure treated?  Are they motivated by active interest in all aspects of your life per your written goals or driven more by what suits their needs? When you answer in your heart ‘why does my company exist?’, does that knowledge make you feel loved or used?

The Urban Foresters seeks Outside Sales people who desire more from their Interior Life.  We serve others through providing tree services. New Outside Sales team members enter that service by developing a new book of business, transitioning existing leads to closed sales, and cultivating long lasting business partnerships. We work for a vast number of clients inclusive of large scale communities, multi-family property investments and commercial districts.

The right Outside Sales candidates own many aspects of the sales process, tailor that process to individual needs, and will have recent documented earnings of $80,000 with the strong desire to earn $100,000+. This position is geared for a highly ambitious individual who is not afraid to be out in the field the majority of the work week conducting the behaviors necessary to win mutual goals.

Prime candidates yearn for opportunities to learn and grow their Interior Life. These colleagues prepare, share, and complete their written goals through our Fully Alive program – a partnership with counselors to advance the candidate’s personal, family, service, education, and professional goals.  Successful individuals enjoy sharpening techniques at weekly professional sales training, support our operations by hosting a weekly safety training, and reflect and share when our team convenes for weekly prayer.

Interior Life focused team members present the marketplace with well-formed minds and hearts, approaching their ordinary work with their whole life.  They thrive working independently, can shift focus away from self and offer instant connections with others and significantly value self-awareness. This role is an exceptional opportunity for those that are actively invested in excelling in every facet of their lives.

We offer:

  • $79,500 1st year on target compensation inclusive of commission and technological incentives
  • Technological incentives include cell phone, laptop
  • Option of company car or reimbursement for personal car use
  • 2 Weeks Paid time off; 1 Week Paid Team Retreat
  • 1-on-1 Coaching every two weeks
  • Weekly Professional Sales Training
  • Monthly Goal Setting w/ Fully Alive Counselor
  • Mandatory Failure
  • 50 hour work week to maintain life balance
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