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Program Coordinator/Telecommute San Francisco Bay Area (47 views)

San Francisco, California
September 24, 2019

Program Coordinator: Telecommute in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States


The Program Coordinator works closely with Lead Missionary and Founder Tricia Bølle on marketing, program planning and development, and general administration to execute ongoing programs and projects and ensure all tasks are properly understood, prioritized, assigned and followed up on.  The Program Coordinator’s primary role is to manage day-to-day communications and operations so the founder can stay on top of the mission, and continue advancing the dynamic vision for the organization, while protecting space and assisting with accountability needed for her personal and spiritual development.  

Strong, clear  written and verbal communication skills with the Founder, board members, staff, volunteers and missionaries are essential.  Likewise, the ability to delegate, promote effective time management, healthy communication, and work discipline among the team is critical, especially as the team is variably spread across different time zones and operate in flexible and dynamic work environments. Attention to detail and follow-through while keeping the big picture and organizational mission in mind is required.

A practicing Catholic Christian is a plus as our entire ministry focuses around the foundational missionary work of the Church in teaching the faith of Jesus Christ in foreign cultures as well as works of evangelization back home. Our mission fully adheres to Catholic doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church.


  • Communicating regularly and persistently with the founder, often across multiple time zones and through occasionally challenging communication channels
  • Providing help and support, as well as reminders for tasks taken on by the founder
  • Managing tasks assigned to the mission team (delegate, communicate, clarify, categorize, prioritize, establishing deadlines, and progress reports)
  • Liaise between the founder and mission team staff (contractors, interns, and volunteers)
  • Developing and refining work protocols, task management, and communication methods that are effective for the founder and mission team
    • Assessing systemic and program needs and coming up with solutions
    • Organizing monthly staff meetings
    • Assisting with the founder’s schedule and ensuring that other mission team members keep the calendar updated
    • Assist promoting the mission and speaking engagements for the founder through contacting conferences, dioceses, churches, etc, as well as through print, A/V, and social media
    • Facilitating the smoother operation of the missionary formation program and instructing missionaries on administrative requirements
    • Handling communication for the founder, including occasional difficult situations
    • Assisting with hiring needs
    • Clerical work and running errands


    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in a related field
    • Good work ethic, and effective at helping implement projects and ideas so they can be realized
    • Effective communication skills
    • Assertive, and able to work diligently and independently, as well as collaboratively with a team in a dynamic and unstructured environment
    • Ability to both encourage, create accountability, and try different work methods for various working styles
    • MS Word and Excel
    • Google Drive, Google Suite and working in the cloud
    • Database entry (will be trained in Little Green Light)
    • Social media and website updating
    • Online research
    • Knowledge of the Catholic faith
    • Charism of administration, helps, or service

     Hours & Compensation

    15-20 hours / week contract work @ $16-20 / hour, commensurate with ability and experience


    To Apply Please send a resume and cover letter to:


    The St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society is a Catholic lay missionary apostolate that shares the light and love of Jesus Christ to young adults in Asia through a diverse ministry of evangelization, faith formation, and social justice.  You are invited to be part of the New Evangelization and Traditional Missionary Work by aiding the administrative sector of the

    Society.  You will have the opportunity to learn about and engage in various aspects of the Catholic faith and be an invaluable support to the overall carrying out of our Missionary Work.

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